How many times in your life have you given away your sensual power, or ignored it completely?

It's normal. This is what we were trained to do. If you're like most women...

  You feel vaguely disconnected from your body and your sensuality. 

  You're missing out on the joy, ease, health, and intimacy you deserve, because you're leaving your sensual power on the table.

  You've thought about exploring your sensuality, but it's kinda scary and vulnerable. What will it even look like? 

▾   You long to feel enchanted by your own body, but it just always seems not quite-good-enough to really enjoy.

▾   Your life is full of adulting, so you spend most days "in your head". Even though you'd love to be more sensual, it's hard to soften, let go, and just be present in your body.

▾   You've got lots of other skills to get you through and make things happen, so sensuality gets left behind.

▾   Maybe you’ve connected with your sensuality in different moments, but then it gets buried again by "practical", everyday life.

These experiences are all completely normal, but it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can absolutely have the sensual sovereignty you desire, and I can help you get it.

As women, it's our job to reclaim our sensual sovereignty over and over and over again.  The #1 thing you can do to claim it is to GET INTO YOUR BODY. 

Yes, it takes a little bit of time and attention. Yes, it's bizarrely easy and fun. Yes, it's 1000% worth it. 

Here’s the truth: reclaiming our sensuality gives us access to power beyond our wildest dreams.

Women have been kept separate from our sensuality for so long that we've almost forgotten how powerful it is. We've also forgotten how easily we can access it. That's where Prime comes in.

You'll be getting into your body in the easiest, yummiest ways. You'll be remembering and reconnecting with the natural power that's already inside you, just waiting to be fully activated.


Imagine inhabiting your body in a whole new way. Imagine feeling more vibrantly healthy than you ever have, like you’re almost aging backwards.

What if you felt so delicious in your body that every part of your day felt like an opportunity for delight? And the things that used to overwhelm you now seem small in the bigger scheme of your joyful life.

Imagine you’ve cracked the code to intimate pleasure, and your sexuality feels strong and clear. You’re in awe of the intimate connection you have with yourself…and your partner.

You feel grounded and expansive. Soft and powerful at the same time.

You feel like anything is possible.

You feel that because it’s true.

Secretly wish you could live like this, with sensual power flowing through you, but you’re just too busy to make sensuality a priority?

I see you. I hear you.

You’d love to feel amazing in your body, to reconnect with the spark and the juiciness you’ve felt before.

You yearn for that feeling of being free and fully alive

To feel completely confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You want to know and express your wants and needs.

To feel safe and held and adored in your sexuality. 

To feel like a strong, soft, sensual, powerful woman.

You feel these desires deep down, but regular life just gets in the way. 

I know that place. 

I used to live there. 

I used to always put myself at the end of the line. 

Feeling good in my body was last on my list, because what good would it really do?

I used to grind myself into the ground, trying to make sure everything (and everyone) around me was taken care of. 

I loved to love, and so I gave myself completely until there was nothing left

I gave up things I enjoyed (like dancing) because I thought they were unnecessary. I thought my fun and pleasure were expendable.  

I was grateful I had a good life, and I thought that should be enough. 

But I had no idea what I was missing

I was a survivor and a martyr. I took pride in my strength, in my ability to give and give and give. 

I actually thought I could give forever and that I didn’t really need much of anything. 

I didn’t hate my body, but I didn’t really know her, and I certainly didn’t treasure her. 

I saw sex as something that was fun for a few minutes but was mostly about pleasing the other person. It definitely wasn’t a priority for me

I’ve come to learn that this is a common set of experiences for women. 

Naughty, playful, and TURNED ON!

“Candace!! Thank you SO MUCH for creating this group and bringing this practice into our daily lives! I had SO much fun this morning. I felt naughty and playful and TURNED ON! I left the conference room feeling so juicy and vibrant! I feel like others could see my light after!"

~ Mariah Schultz, BodyBliss Participant

They told us that if we did all the right things, we’d be happy.

They trained us to work longer and harder, be smarter and more savvy.

We thought if we had enough willpower we could have all the things we want.

They told us these things because they “made sense”. Our mothers and grandmothers told us these things because they thought it was true.

They were trying to protect us from the unknown.

But the truth is coming out.

More and more women have been remembering the truth that’s been lost for millennia: sensuality is power. It’s pure life force, and it’s our deepest, truest nature. When we know how to embody it and use it, we get access to limitless possibilities.

Tried some things, but need more support?

  • Maybe you’ve taken pole-dancing classes! Pole is fun, but it’s pretty freaking hard (bruises and pole burns- ouch), and at the end of the day it’s mostly about completing tricks and performing.

    BodyBliss is not at all about performing for others or proving you can do tricky things. BodyBliss, and Prime especially, is about coming home to your deepest, most authentic sensual Self.

  • Maybe you’ve tried connecting with your body on your own. But it’s so easy to forget or get distracted by the to-do list. If your attempts to stay juicy in your body keep flopping, you’ll love the inspiration, accountability, and community in Prime.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to make peace with your body by dieting or working out. But if you’re waiting to feel amazing till you’ve hit a certain number, guess what? Even if/when you meet your goal, your same old patterns of self-judgment are still gonna be there. Prime is here to help you plant the deepest roots of body-based pleasure, to replace the old loops of “i haven’t earned it yet.”

  • Maybe you’ve tried to explore tantra or other new sex techniques with your partner. This can be an amazing experience for a couple, but only if you’ve invested time in your own sensuality. I’ve seen many couples try to explore sexuality together, but if a woman hasn’t embraced her sensuality on her own terms, this route of doing everything together can backfire. Prime will set you up for deliciously embodied sovereignty, which is the perfect launchpad for epic intimacy.

The codes to pleasure

I still feel such a resonance with your energy and the sessions you provided us. It's like you delivered me the codes to access and prioritize my pleasure, always.

~ Kendall, BodyBliss Participant

What happens when you awaken your sensual superpowers? What does that even mean?

Falling in love with your body

It means you start falling in love with your body because you realize she’s a portal to divine experiences. You feel delighted by your skin, your muscles, your legs, your breasts, your eyes… which makes every day a treat. Even if there are parts of your body that have undergone major changes, owning your sensual superpowers makes you enchanting- especially to yourself!

Clarity on what you want and need

Awakening your sensual superpowers means you are so deliciously present in your body that you can tell exactly what you want and need in any given moment. And because you can feel this so clearly, it’s easy as pie to communicate it to others. You feel completely legitimate your dreams and desires. You can feel how good they are for you, and for the world.

Spot-on intuition

It means you are so deliciously present in your body that your intuition functions at its highest level. You know what to do and what to say in any situation.

Radiant health

You radiate with a vibrant life force, and people notice.

Epic intimacy

It means you start attracting healthier and more collaborative partnerships. People can feel the delightful signals your body gives off, and you attract others who are also up-leveling. You’ve got the foundations laid, in your heart and your body, for epic intimacy. Sometimes your clearly established legitimacy helps you guide your relationship where it needs to go. At other times, your soft, sensual receiving sends out crystal clear messages about what you desire, inspiring your partner to feel excited about providing that for you.

Out-of-this-world sexual ecstasy

Your body is so attuned, relaxed, and turned-on that it’s easy for you to let go and let goddess. Somehow, without even trying, your pleasure capacity is growing by leaps and bounds. You feel more connected to your partner, you’re ready to let them take care of you, and you’re able to surrender to the waves upon waves of pleasure that you were designed for.

Safety in your body

You’re so deliciously present in your body that no one can scare you out of it. Instead of checking out, your default becomes checking in. Old patterns of distraction and numbing start to fade away, and you start to feel safe and good even in challenging situations. Old trauma responses start to fall away, because you have such a deeply rooted sense of being safe in your body.

Emotions are easier

With practice, you can be so deliciously present in your body that you’re able to access the life-giving energy that’s hidden behind grief, anger, and other emotions. You’ll find yourself allowing emotions to move through you, and they won’t seem scary. In fact, you’ll welcome them because you know what’s on the other side. Riding the waves, they start to smooth out and feel more exhilarating than exhausting.

Softening & receiving

Softening, relaxing, and actually being able to receive what you desire most. Easier and easier to soften and receive. Receive attention, support, love, touch, and praise.

Moving your body is a pleasure, not a chore

Your body is so used to moving with pleasure that exercise actually feels good and you find yourself looking forward to it.

Living as your authentic Self

AUTHENTIC YOU. not someone else’s version of sexy or sensual. What’s really, deeply, true to you. You’re a sensual snowflake, and Prime is going to help reveal your unique sensual blueprint. It feels so good to own who you really are that you can’t NOT be yourself.

Clean Boundaries

You are so deliciously present in your body that it’s easy to stand for your boundaries.

Prime is here to help you have ALL these things.

Maybe you think sensuality is just for other, wilder, more confident women.

I’m here to tell you:

Sensuality for every single one of us. Including you.

Not only is it available to you, it’s actually already INSIDE of you.

It’s not an add-on feature. It’s a primal part of who you are as a human being, and especially as a woman.

It’s biologically undeniable. We are sensual creatures.

We each have a body. Our body is designed to tune into what’s good for us.

And when we follow that inner wisdom, not only do our lives magically open up. We also end up blessing the people around us.


A woman living in her sensual power is a gift to the world.

Prime will help you prepare yourself and your body to fully own your sensual power. Get ready for the life of your dreams.

Better than candy

"I feel connected and sensual. And I kept thinking, oh I’m getting lost in myself, but it’s like oh no no no no, it’s not lost. It’s just exploring…exploring this vast amount of landscape, and it’s all me and it feels so fucking good. This is better than any kind of candy you could eat."

~ Roberta, BodyBliss Participant

About Prime

BodyBliss Prime is a 6-week program for women who want to reclaim the power of their own sensuality.

  • First and foremost, Prime is designed to bring you back to yourself and your sensual body.

  • Get ready for 6 weeks of easeful, deep, delicious connection, filled with guidance, support, and community.

Let’s talk about women in community.

Sensual awakening is some of the most sacred work we can do. It requires letting go of old conditioning and expanding into new territory, which can often feel super vulnerable.

That’s why we’re doing it together.

Women were never meant to do this work on our own.

Women are social creatures. We learn from each other. We use each other to springboard forward and try new things. How many times have you eyeballed a woman to see what she’s wearing, how she’s done her hair, or how she speaks or carries herself?

Let’s put our social nature to the most powerful purpose- awakening and expressing our most authentic sensual selves.

Our Prime community is committed to creating safe, sacred, private spaces for women to explore their sensuality.

Safe space

Your vulnerability and authenticity are welcome here.

All of you is welcome here.

Your feeling safe in this container is essential to your awakening.

Our community space is a safe and confidential container for women to explore their pleasure, radiance, and sensuality. Exploring yourself in a community with other women is the most organic, magical, and sustainable way to up-level.

By joining Prime, you agree to honor the confidentiality of this group. Our BodyBliss team is here to make sure everyone feels free to awaken in their own way, in their own divine timing.

You deserve a place where it feels safe to be vulnerable, to be seen. We’ve got you.

Life after Prime

  • You feel strong and sovereign, deliciously taking up space at the center of your own life.

  • Your mind and body flow with more ease and joy on a daily basis.

  • You've opened up to receiving more and more pleasure, love, and support in your life.

  • You have strong, clear foundations for your intimate relationships. You're ready for love!

  • Your intuition seems to be getting better and better, and you know exactly how to tune into it.

What will we actually be doing?

During live calls and recorded content, we're talking, listening, connecting, and moving our bodies. I guide you step-by-step through experiences and practices that will:

~ Connect you with your own unique essence, even if it’s been buried for a while

~ Prepare your nervous system for more ease and receiving

~ Bring a radiant glow to every cell in your body in a matter of minutes

~ Help soothe the parts of you that are in resistance to your pleasure

~ Identify exactly what you need to move through any sticky spots

~ Clear out old thoughts & beliefs that aren’t yours or aren’t serving you

~ Teach you how to stay present in your body as you navigate uncomfortable situations and conversations

~ Identifying what you need to thrive and creating a new pattern of nourishment.

~ Restore a sense of safety in your body

The juicy details

✵ Thursday, November 10 - Prime kicks off!

6 weeks, Nov 10- Dec 21

✵ Modules are released on Thursdays

✺ Calls are every Sunday at 7pm Central time.

✺ You’ll get access to Module 1 on Nov 10.

✺ We’ll have our first call Sunday, Nov 13.

✦ Our calls will be a juicy combination of embodied BodyBliss practice and juicy conversation with Candace.*

✦ You have lifetime access to the Prime program content, meaning as long as BB is up and running, you’ll have your Prime!

✦ The Prime program is designed to be used again and again, whenever you feel like you could use some re-centering. The practices I offer in Prime are the most helpful, efficient, and fundamental tools I’ve found for accessing your whole sensual self. They are the ones I return to over and over, to ensure that I have clear, easy access to my sensual superpowers. They’re the building blocks for the foundation of your sensual expansion.

Prime is for you if......

➺ You enjoy being in deep connection with other women on a similar path

➺ You’ve done a lot of personal growth work but wish that the new patterns would integrate better 

➺ You know that you’ve been putting yourself last and you’re ready take your place at the center of your own life

➺ You’re ready to reclaim your body and your sensuality for your own

➺ You aren’t quite sure what you want or need 

➺ You have some backed-up emotions that need a safe way to come through

➺ You want to experience more of your sensuality

➺ You already embrace your sensuality and want to use that power for new things in your life

➺ You want to explore and discover while being nourished and supported

➺ You’re tired of looking outside yourself for answers

➺ You can feel a layer of grief that never seems to go away, just below your surface that 

➺ You’re willing to go deep even though it’s vulnerable 

➺ You’re open to slowing down and curious how it might open up magic in your life 

Prime is NOT for you if...

(keep in mind, none of these are wrong. they're just not what Prime is designed for.)

➺ You’re still looking for someone outside of you to deliver what you want and need

➺ You just want to get the relationship as soon as possible, skipping the part about paying attention to yourself.

➺ You're looking for someone to tell you what flavors you should embody. You want explicit instructions on dance moves or sexual positions.

➺ You mainly want to learn to look sexier. (BodyBliss is the opposite of performing. )

➺ You’re looking for the wildest raunchiest gatherings that blow you away.

➺ You’re more interested in wild, mind-blowing experiences than deep integration.

➺ You’d rather not feel your feelings right now.

➺ You’re not willing to show up fully in an intimate group setting.

➺ You’re adamantly resistant to slowing down.

About Your Guide

Candace Moss

I’ve been leading sensual moving meditation classes for over five years. The mystery of how and why BodyBliss works so efficiently still amazes me. How something so easy and fun can create such a massive shift in our bodies and lives- this blows me away every time. I’m trained in multiple somatic and energy healing modalities. I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years deeply exploring my own embodiment alchemy. I love holding space for unexpected magic. I delight in shining light on the parts of you that are begging to be seen. It’s my pleasure to create strong soft containers so that every woman feels safe, held, and free to be her truest self.


  • What is BodyBliss Prime?

    BodyBliss Prime is an epic small group experience that will walk you through the sacred work of sensual awakening. This program is designed as a group experience because we are social creatures who learn and grow in community. You’ll be a part of a safe, sacred and private community that will be cheering you on every step of the way.

  • How long is BodyBliss Prime?

    The program runs Nov 10 - Dec 21. You get 6 weeks of sensational delight, guidance, support, and community.

  • What will we do on the weekly calls?

    Our calls are a combo of BodyBliss Practice and juicy conversation time with Candace. Calls take place online Sundays at 8pm EST/ 7pm CT/5pm PST. Our first call will take place on Sunday, November 13.

  • What if I can’t make a call live?

    I encourage you to come live when possible…there’s a lot of magic there. BUT I get it that life happens which is why recordings are uploaded within 48 hours of the call. You have lifetime access to these recordings.

  • Who is this NOT for?

    This isn’t for you if you are passively looking for someone outside yourself to give you what you want and need. This isn’t for you if you don’t want to feel your feelings, slow down or have delicious, lasting integration.

  • I haven’t done much sensual work yet. Will this be too advanced?

    Probably not. Why? Prime gives you the tools that are the foundation of your sensual expansion. Our intention here is to facilitate a slow, sensual, organic transformation that enhances your days in just the right ways and continues throughout your entire lifetime. If you're open to being in your body and connecting with your sensuality, there is absolutely space for you here. If you aren’t sure, reach out today, and I'll be happy to answer questions and honor wherever you're at.

  • I’ve done a ton of embodiment and sensual work. Is this for me?

    Yes. Yessssss. Prime is designed to be used again and again, whenever you feel like you could use some re-centering. The practices I offer in Prime are the most helpful, efficient, and fundamental tools I’ve found for accessing your whole sensual self. They are the ones I return to over and over, to ensure that I have clear, easy access to my sensual superpowers.

  • What can I expect from BodyBliss Prime?

    Your experience will be deeply personal to you. It will be powerful.





    You’ll connect with ease and receiving in ways that change your entire life - your feelings about yourself, your relationships, your career, and everything in between.