Welcome to the Fireside Lounge. 

Relaxed, light-hearted conversations that offer a delicious, ease-ful, healing approach to intimacy. Snuggle up, settle in, and allow yourself to be guided through new ways of: love, sex, dating, relating, and prioritizing yourself. This series is easy, intimate, and playful.

Firm Grounding
We start with a gentle experience of self-centering. You'll be guided into a calm, soft space. This is the perfect way to open up to more of what you desire. 

We explore how nourishment, self-care, and self-love create the best foundation for deeper sensuality and intimacy. 

Powerful Activation
From this grounded, embodied state, these classes offer a powerful activation for up-leveling the way you do relationships.   We dive into surrendering and receiving: what those words mean, why they're central to intimacy, and how to practice embodying them. 

And finally, I'll show you how to create an experience in your own body that will help you call in the kind of love you desire. 

New Set-point
Sometimes it’s challenging to relax and slow down. This series will help you do that, even as it stimulates your imagination, understanding, and desire. 

These four Fireside videos are an opportunity to create a new set-point for yourself around sensuality and sexuality. 

Frequencies offered in this series:

~  radical self-love
~  slowing down for pleasure
~  softening and opening
~  being deliciously in your body
~  letting go of old energies
~  permission to focus on yourself
~  knowing it’s safe to receive love & attention
~  letting in what you desire
~  releasing resistance
~  surrender to pleasure
~  allowing desires to crack you open
~  easy open conversations about sex
~  connecting deeply through sex
~  tuning in to what you actually want
~  playful sensuality
~  slow delicious sex
~  being ready for partnership
~  attracting your highest level partner
~  loving your dating profile
~  becoming a beacon for all you desire
~  creating new relationship pathways
~  stretching your capacity to hold and receive
~  continuous up-leveling of relationship

Course Topics

  1. Welcome

  2. Self-centering

  3. Receive & Surrender

  4. Sex & Sensuality

  5. Attracting Love

  6. Wrapping up & Integrating

About this course

  • $69.00
  • 1 hour of video content
  • calming, relaxing, stimulating
  • intimacy activations

Easy, intimate, playful.

Join me by the fire!

Candace Moss

I’ve been leading sensual moving meditation classes for over five years. The mystery of how and why BodyBliss works so efficiently still amazes me. How something so easy and fun can create such a massive shift in our bodies and lives- this blows me away every time. I’m trained in multiple somatic and energy healing modalities. I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years deeply exploring my own embodiment alchemy. I love holding space for unexpected magic. I delight in shining light on the parts of you that are begging to be seen. It’s my pleasure to create strong soft containers so that every woman feels safe, held, and free to be her truest self.